How to choose the right Estate Agent

Choosing an estate agent to sell your house in the right timeframe and for the best price can be complicated. Some will offer you low fees or give an impressively high property valuation, but this is not necessarily what you should be looking for. 


Anyone can give a high valuation figure, but actually achieving it is another matter.  Is the figure you have been given a result of experience and knowledge of the area, or are you being told what you want to hear? If you're unsure, ask to see comparisons of previous sales in the area and what they are basing their figures on. 

There are a number of factors that affect what a house is worth:

Age - Size - Number of bedrooms - Garden - Parking space - Garage
Structural integrity - Wear and tear - Layout - Extras e.g. double glazing

Local factors will also play a big role in what your property is worth, from what the local schools are like to how well the local economy is doing.  If, for example, your property appeals to young professionals and there is a limited supply of this type of property available, you are likely to achieve more money.

Find a local estate agent who can give you some background on what is happening in the local area that you should take into consideration.

Placing your property on the market at an inflated figure can be potentially detrimental to the marketing of your home. The busiest time in the sale of your property should be the first couple of weeks and therefore hitting the market at the most attractive 'price point' is essential to create that initial strong impact. Setting the price too high may put buyers off and could mean you wait a long time to sell.  Trust your agent to extract the best offer for you.


Cheapest isn't always best. When you are selling, you want the best fee, but more importantly, you want effective marketing, professional advice and quality service - both during the marketing and once the sale is agreed.

Negotiating a low fee with an agent may prove to be a false economy.  You want an agent that has all the resources to generate the greatest interest in your property and to make the process as easy and stress free as possible.

Make sure you check exactly what services they offer and whether you will have to pay extra for them, for example:

You will need to have an Energy Performance Certificate for the property. What will they charge you for this?  Is it included in their fee?

Do they include professional photography and floorplans?

Will they conduct viewings, or will you need to?

Where will they advertise?  For example, newspapers, online property websites and if so, which websites? Do they use social media and search engine facilities to their full potential is reaching prospective buyers?

Once an offer is made, do they assess the proceedability of the buyer by financially qualifying them and checking chain details of any related sales?

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As with employing a tradesman or booking a holiday, reading reviews and testimonials can be very useful.  Why take the agent's word for it when you can see what people really think of the service they've received. 

All in all the fee agreed with an agent should offer value for money.  Do consider that you are entrusting your agent with what is potentially your largest asset.  If an agent can't defend their fee - how will they defend your asking price?




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