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Don’t let the word “shabby” fool you when adopting the principles of shabby chic style into a room. The look may be unstructured and lacking in formal rules, but this timeless aesthetic can add an effortless elegance to your home. With handicrafts, salvaged furniture and vintage textiles available not only in flea markets, but also in retail shops (often as reproductions), you don’t have to search high and low for the perfect piece. You might even have a diamond in the rough right under your nose – a down-and-out piece of furniture just waiting to be whitewashed and restored. That’s the beauty of shabby chic style – it’s budget-friendly and easy to acquire. Here are some ways you can get the look: 


Ornate frames and framed mirrors can be refinished to display treasured art on the walls. Create a grouping over a sofa or find one lovely specimen that can help with decorating the fireplace. Some of these frames are in disguise at flea markets and antique stores – you may find them painted in various shades of metallic. But give them a light sanding and a coat of white or pastel paint and they’ll be ready for their spotlight on the wall


Make use of well-worn storage options.  Old dressers needn’t be confined to the bedroom. They can also be used in an entrance hall, home office or dining room as elegant storage options. A sanding, a couple of coats of paint and another sanding will give a piece that well-loved look. Look for dainty, vintage knobs to add colour and charm.

  Whether you opt for a modern reproduction, as shown here or uncover a vintage gem, stunning chandeliers are a great way to add a little elegance to a space. Hang one over a table or in the corner of a room for extra light. If your pre-loved find is missing a piece, have a hunt on Ebay, rummage around an old lighting store or browse through flea markets to find the replacement glass or beads you need. 

Mismatched fine china can add a riot of colour and sophistication to any afternoon tea.  Charity shops are a good place to start or have a trawl through the internet.  Just beware, however, these items are increasing in popularity and therefore so are the prices.











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