Always Create a Good First Impression

Kitchens are possibly the biggest factor that can potentially make or break a sale. Potential buyers may not want the daunting task or the added expense of replacing it so it is vital to present yours in the best possible light. 


The kitchen is one of the most used areas in the home and as such it is easy to accumulate clutter, especially if you have a small kitchen. De-cluttering is vital to create a clean and clear first impression to viewers and helps make it appear as large as possible. Clear away the piles of dusty recipe books and any unnecessary items on work surfaces. Ditch the dead pot plants and piles of post.


Is your kitchen looking a bit tired? This is easily remedied without the huge expense of replacement. New unit doors can dramatically update the look of your kitchen and can make all the difference to a potential buyer. Choosing something neutral is always advisable, and injecting some colour with your choice of accessories. For an even less expensive method, replace the door handles, ensuring the ones you choose fit ‘like for like’ and do not leave exposed holes or marks of wear. Painting tired units is also an option but beware! Be careful to use the correct product for the job and to proceed with caution as a bad paint job can make matters worse!


Spick & Span

Make your kitchen gleam! Sparkling windows, shiny sink & taps, clean appliances and spotless floors and work surfaces are all very appealing.  Airing the room is also important to give it a fresh smell and remove the residual aroma of cooking. Pet dishes should also be clean or removed but definitely without the left-overs of Fido or Tigger’s last meal.

Create Space

Give those kitchen cupboards and drawers a long overdue clear-out.  Not only will this save you the trouble before you move but it also creates that added space and tidy appeal that buyers are looking for.

 Bathrooms are another area where a good first impression is essential. Often the smallest room in the house they can easily become cluttered with the hustle and bustle of daily use. 

Tidy up

Ensuring surfaces are clean and clear creates a feeling of space so store all shampoo bottles, toiletries and cleaning products out of sight. The same applies to children’s bath time toys. 

Scrub Scrub Scrub

Always ensure your bathroom is gleaming, this includes windows, bathroom furniture, shower screens and curtains. A good quality descaling product will leave surfaces shining.


Ensure towels are hung neatly or folded. Decant any bath products into presentation bottles along with hand soaps and shower gels, it gives a look of luxury in the place of plastic bottles.

Grubby Grout

If the grouting in your shower is looking a bit grey it may be a worthwhile investment to have it replaced. It is a relatively easy job and inexpensive, but can make a world of difference. This also applies to any floor tiles. However, sometimes a good scrub with a good quality cleaning product and an old toothbrush can do the trick.

Coloured Suites and Carpets 

If you have a coloured suite in your bathroom this, unfortunately, can be very dating unless your buyer is particularly keen on a ‘retro’ look.  When appealing to a broader market it may be advisable to invest in a white suite, there are some very reasonable deals out there and although an expense it can be well worth it and may make all the difference to a potential buyer and the calibre of offers put forward for your property. Equally if you have a carpet in your bathroom it may be prudent to invest in good quality vinyl flooring or tiles.


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