Not all Conveyancers are Made Equal

Once your sale has been agreed you will need to instruct a solicitor to handle the legal, conveyancing aspect of the transaction for you.

At The Personal Agent we have dedicated sales progressors who communicate with many different solicitors on behalf of our clients on a daily basis and in doing so, we are very aware that all conveyancers are not made equal.  The phrase 'you get what you pay for' could not be more true. 

There are a multitude of 'bargain' convenyancers out there, but just because they are cheap does not mean they are good.

In our experience there are several things to consider when choosing a conveyancer


Has a friend or family member used them before?  Do they have a good working relationship with your Estate Agent?  This is an important relationship as your agent will be speaking to them on your behalf, in some cases, more than you will.  To ensure a fast and stress free process it is important that the lines of communication are open.  Please click here to access our list of recommendations.  

Personal Service

At some of the 'budget' conveyancing firms your calls will be automatically transferred to a call centre or team.  It can be problematic when trying to expedite your sale/purchase if you speak to different people every time you call.  The files are centralised and although this may be perfectly adequate for a straightforward transaction, these are few and far between as there are always the inevitable enquiries.  At a more traditional firm of solicitors, you are assigned to a conveyancer who, in most cases, will deal with your transaction from start to finish, giving you peace of mind and a consistent point of contact who is fully conversant with your case.


When deciding on a solicitor and gathering quotes, read the small print!  Some of the cut price firms may look good initially but beware of hidden costs - you don't want any sudden nasty surprises.

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