June Newsletter


Welcome to our newsletter. So much has occurred since our last publication; we have a Conservative Government, we have a new Princess, and at The Personal Agent we have had our most successful month in our 11 year history.

This led to us thinking – What does ‘success’ mean and how do you measure it?

For the Conservatives their success was tailored around delivering a message that people believed in and being considered a safe pair of hands when confronted with many different options. For those in and around the Duchess during the birth their success would have been making her time with them as smooth and stress free as possible.

For us at The Personal Agent these are areas that we are driven to excel in and that stand us apart from the crowd. Success to us is having clients choose to intrust us with what is likely their most valuable asset when there are other choices available and ensuring that once they have done so we provide a level of service that ensures the marketing, sales and aftersales process are as smooth and stress free as possible.

Alongside this of course we want to sell properties! In April we agreed the sale of £16,000,000 worth of properties in our Epsom branch alone. We also brought more properties to the market than any other agent. These are figures that we are of course proud of, but the business that we continue to receive from recommendations and referrals is our true measures of success.

We hope you enjoy our newsletter and have a successful month, whatever success means to you.


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