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How To Revamp Your Home For &10 or Less

The 20th November sees the start of National Maintenance Week, SPAB’s annual campaign which encourages owners of all sorts of buildings to be aware of the importance of regular care. It’s a message that’s not only relevant to home owners but to anyone who cares for a property. In the spirit of the campaign, here at the Personal Agent, we’ve come up with our top tips for maintaining your home and revamping your interiors at minimum cost. This tips will not only improve the overall appearance of your home but could pay off later should you choose to sell or rent your property.


1   Gutters

Keeping your gutters clear is essential. In clearing your gutters regularly, you are not only preventing costly gutter repairs but you are insuring that they fulfill their job of diverting damp from your home, something again that could turn out to be very expensive if not maintained correctly. Specially shaped gutter debris removing and clearing shovels and gutter guards can be purchased online for as little as &5 in order to remove and prevent leaves, twigs and other debris blocking your gutter.

I cleaned Rob's Gutters today. They smelled really bad.

2   Fences and Flower Beds 

A lick of paint can work wonders for your home exterior. Give your fences and wooden flower beds a new lease of life with a coat of quick dry shed and fence treatment to protect it from the weather and a give them a burst of colour. You can purchase One Coat Fence Life is just under &10 for 5 litres.

3   Wall Stickers 


Image Via Tenstickers

Looking for a quick and simple way to brighten up a plain wall? Wall stickers are a great inexpensive option to add some colour and a theme to any room in the house. There are many designs to choose from in a variety of tastes and sizes, ranging from motivation quotes to your children’s favourite TV characters. have over 4000 designs starting at around &10.

4  Hide TV Wires 

Need a top tip for hiding unsightly TV wires and cables? Get yourself a shower curtain rod, cut it to the length required and feed your wires through it. This will cover up your wires cleanly, keeping them all in one tidy space and prevent tangling. You can also paint or decorate your robs to match the interior of the room.

5   Easy Window Frosting 

If you want to create some privacy for a new bathroom or tidy up your storage cabinets, you can buy plastic frosted window coverings. These are easy to use and stick to your windows to create a whole new look to old furnishings. These can be found in many hardware stores and online.

6   Door Knobs and Handles 

Does your old furniture need a bit of colour? This can be simply achieved by changing the door knobs and handles on doors, cupboards and kitchen draws to give your room a refresh. These can be found at vintage fairs, hardware and home stores and of course, online for as little as &1 each.

7  Light Switch and Plug Covers

Light switch and plug covers can be decorated to improve the look of any room, especially if they have become dirty and dis-coloured over time. Varieties of these are be easily found at IKEA and on various online sites for as little as &5. No hardware requested, simply pop these over your plug and swap or replace them however often you like.

8  Repaint your Wooden Doors and Furniture

Give your wooden front doors and furniture a lick of paint and breathe new life back in to a room. These can then be sanded down for a shabby chic or vintage look and painted with minimal effort. Wooden floor paint can be purchased online or in hardware stores for as little as &6 for 5 litres.

9   Add a Welcome Mat

A welcome mat is a great addition to any porch or entrance hall. Not only is it practical for muddy shoes but, depending on your style, a door mat can add a splash of colour or add some humour to your doorstep or hall. You can purchase doormats online from as little as &0.99

10  Simple Updates to Your Bathroom

Adding a new shower curtain or hand towels to your bathroom can really help to add a splash of colour to a neutral room. You can buy fashionable shower curtains, hand towels and bathroom accessories from a whole host of high street stores such as Primark and Wilkinsons starting at &4.

11  Get Rid of Mould

Condensation can cause mould to grow in the corners of your rooms. This can be a result of lack of circulation in the room caused closed windows for an extensive period of time. For a long term remedy to condensation, try to ventilate the room and open windows when you can. To remove the mould from the walls you can mix bleach with warm water and soap. However, for a chemical free option, mix a quarter of a teaspoon of clove oil (it is very powerful stuff) with 1 litre of water, pour this mixture into a spray bottle, spray the affected area and leave overnight, clean the area with baking soda and white vinegar the next day.


12  Boring Bookshelves

Add a splash of colour or interest to your bookshelves by covering the backs of them with wall paper, you can pick up a roll of wall paper online from &8.

13 Door Knobs and Handles 

Does your old furniture need a bit of colour? This can be simply achieved by changing the door knobs and handles. You can buy these from &1 online.

14. Light Switch and Plug Covers 

Are your light switch covers looking old and tired, do they not match or do you just fancy a change?? You can buy these online from &5.

15. Remove Grime Around Your Doors

Have you noticed a build-up of grime around your doors? Use brown vinegar on a sponge to cut through the grease and dirt, then rub with beeswax and buff it up. Your door will look as good as new.


So there you have our top tips for revamping your home for under &10.

Which ones will you try?


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