Win a Fiat 500

Our 10th Anniversary Competition is hotting up!   The following people are already in with the chance of winning a brand new Fiat 500 and many other exciting prizes.  

If you instruct us to sell your property and exchange contracts on or before the 19th December 2014 you will be automatically entered.  Follow this Competition Entry link to find out more.

The prize draw will take place on 20th December 2014 at the Marquis of Granby, Epsom where our competition entrants will be cordially invited to join the team for drinks and a buffet.


Mr & Mrs Patrick Aloir
Mrs Alison Golt
Jenny Mathews & Hazel Brown
Umadey Jobanputra
Mike & Iris Pascoe
Sian Smith
Andrea & Michael Merrington
Roy & Margaret Payne
Craig & Peggy Poyser
Tristan Hinxman
Frank & Cathy Coma
Gary & Sophie Ramsay
Simon Tolliday & Mrs Craven
Martin Marro & Marianna Dagatti
James & Laura Sealey
Dominic & Sarah Clarke
Angela Seal
Eric & Jacqui Garnier
Michael & Teresa McDonald
Keith Humphrey & Helen Wynn
Rob McDougall & Hatty Taylor
Christina Brooke
Michael & Jan Bunn
Jacinda McSorley
Victoria Churchill & Susan Bund
Martin Burns
Michael & Janice Gladwell

Paul & Carol Foster
Katie Clark
Michael Martinez
Lucy Morrell
Zoe Gould
Toni Herschel
Josie Down
Mr & Mrs Dunn
Mr Warner
Mrs Amin
Mr & Mrs Cox
Beryl Kernot
Steve & Julia Edmonds
Mr & Mrs Patrick Dehm
Richard & Christine Bowker
Mr Evans
Mr & Mrs Boxall
Craig & Michelle Norman
Fiona Terry
Ms J Scowcroft
Simon Stannard
Mr & Mrs McGarry
Mr Sutehall & Miss Morton
Chris & Claire Harris
Jack May-Robinson & Lyndsay Slade
Hannah & Mark McCormack
Mr & Mrs Jamie Keefe
David Carter
Andrew & Louise Harris
Jeffrey Evans
Robin & Lucy Farmer
Denise & Clive Goodall
Tony Kerslake & Janet Egan
Gail Hogan
Mrs Perilli
Mrs & Mrs Martell
Mrs A Arthur
William & Elizabeth Trevorrow
Leanne Leggo
David Hunt & Samantha Mayell
Simon & Leigh Bowyer
Tracey & Chris Landon
Richard Hill & Jennifer
Mike Griffiths
Mr & Mrs Gary Nader
Paul & Erica Taborn
Mr & Mrs Carl Huntington
Jo & Joel Osborne
Julia Archer
Chris Wilkins & Fran Janssen
Chris Long & Nicci Makinson
Michael & Janice Gladwell
Mr Randall
Mr & Mrs Terry Mayho
Terrence & Jacqueline Gartell

Although this list will be added to, between now and the 19th December, if your name is missing from the list but you think you ought to have been entered, please let us know and we’ll be happy to make sure you’re included before the competition closes. 

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