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16th to 19th September 2016


For their cycling adventure they raised &28,000 for vital A-T research.


The tough challenge started in the beautiful city of Montpellier and finished at top of the iconic Mont Ventoux.


The 2 day cycle adventure covered more than 190km on quiet country roads through one of the most beautiful regions of France. They celebrated their achievements with an obligatory team photograph at the peak and a cheeky glass of fizz before making the fast and virtually pedal free descent back to Carpentras.






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To fund medical research to speed up the process of identifying a cure for Ataxia Telangiectasia (A-T) or treatments that delay or prevent the disabling effects of this devastating childhood condition.


A future where the effects of A-T are minimised.

We passionately believe that with increased funding and continued global and collaborative effort, effective treatments for A-T will be developed and the lives of those affected will be changed.


We provide a dedicated funding stream for medical research. Our sole focus is to raise funds for this purpose; as well as working to drive research and awareness of A-T. Over the last few years, we have become the leading charitable funders of A-T medical research in the UK.


Anyone who has a child diagnosed with Ataxia Telangiectasia (A-T) realises immediately and agonisingly that their lives will be changed forever and that the future holds a number of very difficult challenges for their child both physically and emotionally. Founded in January 2012 by parents of a child diagnosed with A-T, Action for A-T understand what that feeling is like and is committed to making a difference to those affected by funding high quality medical research.

In the UK,  research funding for A-T is extremely limited so Action for A-T was established to increase investment in A-T research and raise awareness of the condition. Click here to find out more about our research.



A-T (Ataxia Telangiectasia) is a rare, genetic degenerative disease of childhood, which affects multiple systems of the human body. In people affected with A-T, a gene called ATM is mutated. The ATM gene contains the instructions for the production of the ATM protein. Thus, in A-T patients, the ATM protein is usually not produced at all, or is severely defective. The ATM protein controls many important functions in cells. A major function of ATM is orchestrating the complex response to specific types of damage inflicted on the DNA particularly by ionising radiation. Maintenance of DNA stability and integrity is critical for normal cellular life and therefore, cells devoid of ATM lack this vital defence mechanism. The nervous, immune and reproductive systems are particularly sensitive to the loss of ATM function.




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